CK Hand painted lampshades in her artist studio


Welcome to CK SHADES, your direct source to the sickest most unique lampshades on the face of earth. Have you ever seen a beautiful lampshade and thought that you needed it, or your OWN CUSTOMIZED lampshade? With so many options of things to buy and clutter your home because someone lame said it's cool, let us direct our attention + intention, and focus on filling our homes with art, good art. Not influencer instagram fast fashion trendy shit. Borrrinnnggggg.

WHO AM I? My name is CK and I'm an artist and set designer in Los Angeles. 

I have been painting and creating art since I was 6, I think. I was shy, tall, a little quirky, and art was my main thing.

CK SHADES started because I have a ton of f*ckn lampshades left over from photoshoots and movies and thought one day I would paint on them. 

That day came. And a star was born. CK SHADES. It's niche, they are chic, and I swear you will love having one in your home. Lighting sets the mood, and a CK SHADE adds a layer of even more lust if you can handle it.

You can hang a painting on a wall, OR you can have a CK SHADES lampshade. It doesn't need to be functional, but it happens to be. 

I paint these shades in my Los Feliz, California garage studio where I blast funky music on a small bluetooth speaker and wear paint smeared denim overalls while sipping lemon water. 

There is always more that meets the eye to my designs. Most of my shade designs start as sketches from my travels and each tells a different story. If you want to ask, I'll share more. I am also very happy to discuss custom commissioned shade designs / you can send me yours and I'll paint on it.




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