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Miami Tropics Pendant Light

Miami Tropics Pendant Light

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CK Reed is an L.A.–based artist and designer whose mixed-media canvas works, lighting fixtures, and painted furniture to life with bright, poppy hues and vibrant plant motifs.
She works exclusively with found items that she breathes new life into with her otherworldly painted designs that all nod to plant life and her background in textile design.

CK created three hand-painted, repurposed aluminum pendant lighting fixtures with tropical motifs specifically for Woman Made. "The Miami Pendants were born a few days after I was asked to participate in the exhibition. I wanted to showcase my most recent genre of work—painted lampshades and lighting fixtures—all found and repurposed. I work as a set designer in LA, and these were left over from a commercial shoot years ago. I always loved their shape and had a feeling one day I would do something cool with them," she says. "I grew up in South Florida and remember being so inspired by Miami's art deco buildings and color palette, so I looked to those nostalgic memories to influence the design."


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15" wide 10" high

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